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Aquamarine Jasper Diffuser Bracelet

Natural Imperial Jasper aquamarine beads paired with natural wood beads. W H A T I S A D I F F U S E R ? - Wood and certain porous stones, like lava stones, absorb essential oils very well and allow you to enjoy the benefits of your oils longer. - my diffuser bracelets are diffusers in disguise because they are not only beautiful, but functional and you don’t even need to use oils on them if you don’t choose to H O W T O U S E - put on your diffuser bracelet - apply a drop or two of your favorite essential oil directly to your wrist and roll the natural rosewood beads or lava stones (if your bracelet has them) around in the oil. - enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your oils all day. The scent will diffuse for 1-2 days depending on your oils. Some oils are stronger than others and can last longer. Note: Wood beads are a great diffuser! 7" diameter will fit an average wrist.
Made in United States of America